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SPOTIFY SUNMI collab for International Women’s Day Celebration



SPOTIFY SUNMI collab for International Women’s Day Celebration

In order to celebrate International Women’s Day on March 8, Spotify has released its first-ever ‘EQUAL X Spotify Singles’ recordings with K-pop artist SUNMI participating as a representative of Asian artists. This would be SUNMI’s first song of 2022, titled ‘Oh Sorry Ya’, for listeners over the globe, exclusively on Spotify.

Official Tweet by Spotify Korea retweeted by SUNMI

EQUAL X Spotify Singles

Spotify’s EQUAL is an initiative, which was instilled to uplift female artists and creators in the music industry, while Spotify Singles, is an exclusive program of Spotify that provides artists with the opportunity to record new versions of their own songs, the songs of the artist they love, or an original song.
Along with SUNMI’s original track, American singer-songwriter Ethel Cain and Mexican artist Bruses have also revealed EQUAL X Spotify Singles recordings, wherein they have covered Britney Spears and Spice Girls, respectively. All these songs have been recorded, produced, and engineered solely by teams of women.

“SUNMI’s path as a successful female solo artist and her unique take on the K-pop genre are in line with Spotify’s EQUAL, which celebrates women’s contribution in the music and audio space. As a global leader in the audio and streaming industry, we are committed to fostering equality for women in music.”

~ Spotify’s Spokesperson

‘Oh Sorry Ya’

Short MV shared by SUNMI for ‘Oh Sorry Ya’

Co-produced by SUNMI in collaboration with Los Angeles-based female songwriting duo LYRE, SUNMI’s ‘Oh Sorry Ya’ is catchy music with a “heavy, yet rhythmic baseline from the beginning”. Contrary to its significant story in the lyrics, the song introduces a groovy retro-vibe that listeners vibe to. ‘Oh Sorry Ya’, an extension of ‘Borderline’, the sixth track of SUNMI’s third mini-album ‘1/6’, talks about her story from the depth of her heart. SUNMI has talked about dealing with the conflict between the old and new versions of herself. The song features a play of vocal variations as if two versions of SUNMI are having a conversation with each other, which portrays different sides of SUNMI at the same time.

“It’s an honor to be part of this meaningful project on behalf of artists from Asia.
The collaboration process with the female producer team LYRE was inspiring, and I am happy
to present such a good result. I hope many people listen to this track.”


Meanwhile, here’s what SUNMI’s parent label ABYSS Entertainment had to say;

“Spotify provided support in many ways throughout the project, helping SUNMI step forward as a global artist. As SUNMI’s label, we will continue to do our best to deliver ‘SUNMI Pop’ to a wider, global audience.”

~ Spokesperson from SUNMI’s Label, ABYSS Entertainment

Check out SUNMI’s latest release here: Oh Sorry Ya by SUNMI

Do share your views on this amazing Women’s Day collaboration in the comments section below.

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