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The 22 Most Subscribed KPOP Idol Members YouTube Channel 2020

lisa bts The 22 Most Subscribed KPOP Idol Members YouTube Channel 2020


The 22 Most Subscribed KPOP Idol Members YouTube Channel 2020

Most Subscribed Kpop Idol youtube channel
KPop Fans love to see their favorite idols, what they do in their daily lives, how are they off screen and these Kpop idols loves to connect with their fans too. They like conversing with their viewers and for that these idols have opened up their own YouTube channels to be closer to their fans and to share their lifestyles with everyone.

Here are the “Most Subscribed K-Pop Idols YouTube Channels” Your should follow:

1. Girl’s Generation’s Taeyeon (탱구TV) : 1.26M Subscribers

2. EXO’s Baekhyun (백현 Baekhyun) : 3.1M Subscribers

3. EXO’s Chen : 1.82M Subscribers

4. f(x)’s Amber (Amber Liu) : 1.47M Subscribers

5. Day6’s Jae (JaeSix): 1.06M Subscribers

6. AKMU’s Suhyun (MochiPeach) : 1.51M Subscribers

7. f(x)’s Luna (Luna’s Alphabet루나의 알파) : 238K Subsribers

8. CLC’s Sorn (PRODUSORN) : 573K Subscribers

9. 2NE1’s Dara (DARA TV) : 1.11M Subscribers

10. iKON’s Chanwoo (찬우살이) : 646K Subscribers

11. g.o.d’s Joon Park (와썹맨-Wassup Man) : 2.31M Subscribers

12. BTOB’s Peniel (POV) : 140K Subscribers

13. Kasper (KASPER 캐스퍼) : 87K Subscribers

14. Brown Eyed Girls’ Miryo : 49K Subscribers

15. VIXX’s N (achahakyeon) : 53.6K Subscribers

16. SECRET’s Jung Hana : 7.24K Subscribers

17. OH MY GIRL’s Mimi (밈PD / [__-_____-_]mmmii) : 294K Subscribers

18. Cocosori’s Coco (Rilacoco) : 330K Subscribers

19. Cocosori’s Sori (SoriNotSorry!) : 235K Subscribers

20. Ladies’ Code’s Ashley (Ashley B Choi) : 158K Subscribers

21. Apink’s Bomi (뽐뽐뽐) : 825K Subscribers

22. Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany (Tiffany Young) : 697K Subscribers

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