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BTS’s “Run BTS!” will collaborate with Na PD’s “The Game Caterers” on a Special Variety Show

BTS Run Game Caterers 2 BTS’s "Run BTS!" will collaborate with Na PD's "The Game Caterers" on a Special Variety Show


BTS’s “Run BTS!” will collaborate with Na PD’s “The Game Caterers” on a Special Variety Show

BTS's RUN BTS Collab with The Game Caterers

It has been revealed that the “Run BTS!” BTS’s variety show and of “The Game Caterers” have a partnership.

The production teams of The Game Caterers and Run BTS! shared their upcoming collaboration and revealed that they had been preparing for this collaboration content for a long time and announced that they had finished filming together.

South Korean producing director Na Young Suk, popularly known as Na PD’s show “The Game Caterers” of tvN on business trips to play various games. BTS will challenge themselves to the different games The Game Caterers has to offer and show their synergy with Na Young Suk. It is the first such collaboration between the two parties.

When and where to watch Run BTS! and Na PD’s variety special?

The entire collaboration series will have a total of four episodes, and the first episode will air on Run BTS! via Naver V LIVE and Weverse on May 4. The next episode will air on tvN channel and the official YouTube of The Game Caterers on May 7.

The entire variety special will air over two weeks in a similar format.

What do BTS fans think of the Run BTS! collab with Na PD?

OMGGGG Na PD from the famous ‘New Journey to the West’ is going to collab with @BTS_twt with his show Siboya and RUN BTS 😳💜


— 🐱💜⁷ (@Sugafull27_TV) April 21, 2021

OMGGGGGG OMGGG OMGGG my favorite PD will have a Run BTS collab. I content Ive been hoping 🥺💜


— joe | 💜✨ (@joe_moabangtan) April 21, 2021

I woke up to this and the news of their collab with Na PD for Run BTS. It’s really hard to sleep peacefully in this fandom. 🥺

— ᴮᴱkopi ⁷ ⟭⟬💜⟬⟭ (@Bangtankopi) April 21, 2021

Run @BTS_twt crews are always the sweetest. I think I’ll be (excitedly) scared imagining how strict Na PD would be with our boys coz theyre used to being taken care of so well by the Ru crews. But since I trust the boys I think I’ll be laughing along too later 😳😳🙊👍💜

— 🐬🤗💜 𝚂𝙷𝙰𝚈 ⁷ (@BKV_you) April 21, 2021

So this was a spoiler of the Na PD of ‘Fifteen Nights on a Business Trip’ and @BTS_twt ‘RUN BTS’ collaboration (5/4 Run BTS on Vlive & Weverse and 5/7 on tvN). TV producer, Na Young Seok is very famous in Korea as a hit maker of TV variety-reality shows.

— Soo Choi 💜 (@choi_bts2) April 21, 2021

What do you think of this collaboration? Leave your comment below and also, share the news on your social networks with your friends! Stay tuned for this special collaboration next month!

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