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JYP’s NMIXX, First Artist of the Year for Radar Korea



JYP’s NMIXX, First Artist of the Year for Radar Korea

JYP’s NMIXX known as the monster rookie has been selected as the first artist of the year for Spotify’s ‘RADAR KOREA’.

NMIXX, Artist of the Year for Spotify’s ‘Radar Korea’

The world’s most popular audio streaming subscription service; Spotify on February 28th that JYP’s NMIXX has been selected as the first Artist of the Year for RADAR KOREA.

RADAR which is known as Spotify’s global emerging artist support program brings talented, emerging artists to light thereby, providing them with human and financial resources, editorial support and marketing promotions both online and offline in the long run.

JYP’s NMIXX Members

NMIXX is comprised of seven members namely, LILY, HAEWON, SULLYOON, JINNI, BAE, JIWOO and KYUJIN. The group officially debuted on February 22 with their single ‘AD MARE’ along with its lead track ‘O.O.‘. Earlier in February NMIXX had revealed audio liners exclusively on Spotify, greeting their global fans and revealing their music style and the messages behind their debut single in a number of
languages that included Korean, English, and Spanish.

“Since long ago, Spotify has been serving as one of the most pivotal and trusted partners to JYP and to the growth of South Korea’s music industry. It is meaningful that NMIXX’s relationship with Spotify, which began even before its debut, has led to the RADAR KOREA program. We look forward to seeing NMIXX communicate with global K-pop fans through Spotify.
We are very excited to have NMIXX, who have created a fresh breeze in the global K-pop the scene, join our first RADAR KOREA program of the year. NMIXX is a talented rookie pushing boundaries with their new ‘MIXX POP’ genre through unique voices and sounds, and we are dedicated to supporting them through RADAR, connecting them with more listeners and fans around the globe.”

~ Spotify’s Spokesperson

As we have prepared for a long time, we are very excited to share our music with more listeners and fans around the world through Spotify’s RADAR program. We hope to grow into a global K-pop group with Spotify’s support.”

~NMIXX leader

In the recent past, Spotify’s RADAR has helped globally emerging talents like The Kid LAROI and Girl In Red grow together with the program. RADAR KOREA which was designed as part of RADAR, has been supporting various Korean artists who are emerging globally, such as Gaho, AleXa, ASH ISLAND, Weeekly, SECRET NUMBER, and TREASURE introducing them to Spotify listeners over the globe through its RADAR KOREA playlist which was officially launched in August 2020.

Check out Spotify’s RADAR KOREA playlist here: SPOTIFY RADAR KOREA

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