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BTS Jungkook’s ‘STAY ALIVE (Prod. SUGA)’ Smashes Records within 24 Hours of Release

BTS Jungkook's STAY ALIVE with SUGA


BTS Jungkook’s ‘STAY ALIVE (Prod. SUGA)’ Smashes Records within 24 Hours of Release

BTS Jungkook’s collaborative OST, ‘Stay Alive’ produced by SUGA was officially released by HYBE Labels on Friday, February 11. Within hours of hitting the major streaming platforms worldwide, the collaborative OST has smashed charts over the globe.

BTS Jungkook's STAY ALIVE (Prod. SUGA)
BTS Jungkook’s STAY ALIVE (Prod. SUGA)

Stay Alive‘ was partially released on February 4, along with episode four of the webtoon, titled ‘7 Fates: CHAKHO’. This is the first time a webtoon has used an OST as background music in global releases of all 10 languages.

As per a statement by BTS’s parent label HYBE;

“Stay Alive is a pop ballad that has an energy that complements the storyline that portrays confrontations between humans and the Beom tribe in a corrupt world. The title, Stay Alive, is a nod to the characters in the story as they try to survive in the vicious world. The lyrics explore an isolated boy’s earnest heart and message to himself and friends who he meets.”

~ HYBE Press Release
Official Poster for 'STAY ALIVE' featuring BTS members Jungkook (L) and SUGA (R)
Official Poster for ‘STAY ALIVE’ featuring BTS members Jungkook (L) and SUGA (R)

Produced by the supergroup’s member SUGA, ‘Stay Alive’ blends a theatrical bass-synth and engaging string-piano arrangement to create a sentimental space for readers of the webtoon. Thereby, allowing them to connect with the characters’ story. In a press statement, BTS’s parent company HYBE Labels revealed that SUGA’s production was “based on the actual synopsis and webcomic sketch of 7FATES: CHAKHO.”

Meanwhile, the youngest member, Jungkook’s mesmerizing, vocal performance intensifies the emotional quotient of the track, as he details the trials of the seven characters. It’s one of the many characteristics that makes Jung Kook distinct as a singer- his vocalization embodies the spirit of every word, helping listeners relate with the character’s emotional state, irrespective of your familiarity with the language.

Though ‘Stay Alive’ is performed by BTS’s Jungkook and SUGA, all seven band members show up in the official promotional video which is a visually stunning blend of animation and live-action scenes.

Check it out below!

Official Promo Video for STAY ALIVE

Charts and Records Updates by BTS Jungkook’s ‘STAY ALIVE’ (Prod. SUGA)

As per an article by Soompi, ‘Stay Alive’ topped the iTunes Top Songs charts in 51 different regions worldwide within three hours of its release. The song became the fastest song by a Korean soloist ever to reach the No. 1 spot in 80 different regions within six hours and it also became No. 1 on iTunes Top Songs charts in at least 93 regions across countries within 14 hours after its release. By the time the song was a day old, it was already topping iTunes charts in over 100 countries.

‘Stay Alive’ made a new record as the fastest song by a Korean soloist to reach No. 1 spot on iTunes Top Songs charts in eight of the biggest music markets across the globe namely Japan, US, France, UK, Canada, Germany, the Netherlands, and Australia.

The latest Tweet by World Music Awards Reveals BTS Jungkook’s ‘STAY ALIVE’ to be topping iTunes Charts worldwide since its release on Feb 11.

About BTS’s Webtoon ‘7 Fates: CHAKHO’

BTS's Webtoon '7 Fates: CHAKHO'
BTS’s Webtoon ‘7 Fates: CHAKHO’ Official Poster

Set in the near future, the urban fantasy story is inspired by the ‘chakhogapsa’ (tiger hunters from the Joseon Dynasty of Korea). It features characters portrayed by BTS members. Jungkook plays Zeha a half-human and half-tiger while Suga plays Cein, a character who was attacked and almost eaten by a tiger. The leader of the group, RM plays Do-Geon as Jin plays Hwan, J-Hope plays Hosu in the webtoon followed by Jimin who essays the role of Haru and V plays Jooan. Based on the raveled BTS Universe, ‘7 Fates: CHAKHO‘ explores the lives of seven protagonists brought together by faith and shows us why they must stay together despite the trials and tribulations that come their way. 

Share your views on BTS’s latest comeback in the webtoon world, in the comments section below.

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