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BLINKS Boycott BLACKPINK’s ‘2022 Welcoming Collection’: Why



BLINKS Boycott BLACKPINK’s ‘2022 Welcoming Collection’: Why

“No Music, No Money”, said BLINKs when BLACKPINK’s latest release was not their much-awaited one and decided to ‘boycott‘ it.

BLACKPINK as they pose with BLINKS post-concert.

On March 2nd, YG Entertainment released the ‘2022 Welcoming Collection’; a DVD that shows off each of the members’ individual charms. Though it was loved by fans, what worried them was YG Entertainment’s priorities when it comes to BLACKPINK.

Tweet shared by one of the fan accounts for BLACKPINK

Furious fans lashed out at YG Entertainment via social media as they remind that their favourite girlgroup has not had a group comeback in the last 15 months and still counting. Blinks also noticed a few similarities with BLACKPINK’s previous ‘Welcoming Collection’, pointed out that a part of the latest released image collection could be recycled.

Check out the complete video below;

Official Preview released by YG Entertainment for Blackpink’s Welcoming Collection

We sincerely hope a BLACKPINK comeback is coming soon.

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